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Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

You thought this car was made for you, after use you realize it isn’t the case. Whatever the reason, you benefit from the « Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back”. You have the possibility to bring us the vehicle back and be reimbursed the full VAT included price (or VAT excluded for professionals who are VAT linked) that figures on the invoice.The various taxes, other expenses made, and interests linked to a financial contract are not refundable. The « Satisfaction guarantee » must be claimed maximum 7 calendar days after the physical delivery of the vehicle and a maximum run of 1.000km is tolerated. Following a technical and visual inspection of the vehicle by and the customer, the agreed amount will be transferred by bank after maximum one month.

Your car warrantied up to 7 years

No unpleasant surprises with, all our cars are 100% warrantied. Our vehicles are from the best automotive brands, all Autosphere used vehicles are completely serviced and benefit from a 12-month legal warranty from the day of the purchase. Even better, the standard warranty can be extended up to 5 years*, on mechanical, electrical and electronic parts. With a 5-year warranty, you reward yourself with peace of mind and you benefit of roadside assistance and towing services for free. * Conditional offer.

Buy back your actual car at the best price

Sometimes it’s a situation we must deal with. What should I do with my existing car when I purchase another one? has a solution for you, we offer you the fair price for your car. The sale of your car can be used to finance your future vehicle from Autosphere. A price offer for a used car is quite a precise process. It depends on the brand of the car, it’s age, the mileage, the engine, the equipment’s,… but also the general condition of the car that we will appreciate only with a visual expertise of the vehicle in your presence. This the reason it’s impossible for us to give you the right price for your car by email or telephone. Don’t hesitate to come by one of our showrooms…

Used vehicles with reliable mileage with Car-Pass

In order to check the accuracy of the mentioned mileage, we provide you the Car-Pass corresponding to the used vehicle purchased. A simple and reliable system to trace and check the mileage of a car during its life during its various visits to an automotive professional (technical check, servicing, tire changing ...) as required by law since December 1, 2006. As automotive professionals, we are required to send you the Car Pass for the vehicle you are buying. This document also mentions the first date of registration of the vehicle in Belgium, the chassis number, the Car-Pass deliverance date as well as its identification number which allows to check the authenticity of the document on Internet.

The choice of brands, the variety of models …

Discover a network of more than 400 used cars from all the leading brands. With, you will find the vehicle that fits your needs or your desires and why not both at the same time! If you don’t find your ideal vehicle, we will take the time to find the right car for your needs and your budget. In order to benefit from the label, each vehicle has undergone several quality controls: aesthetic, electrical, electronical and mechanical, everything is completely overhauled. All our vehicles must satisfy 100 checkpoints before receiving the label.

Multi brand after-sales services

Let’s be honest, a well-maintained vehicle has more value and is easier to sell. The reselling of the car will be so much easier. This is why offers a network of optimized after-sale services the service your car. We can service and repair your car, even during the « manufacturer’s warranty » thanks to our mechanical experts and body shop specialists. They work on your vehicle in accordance with the manufacturers standards and specifications making the after-sales service the ideal partner to service your car from day one. This for routine operations (e.g. replacement of filters, brake pads, tires) or for more technical interventions. without any risk of losing your manufacturer’s warranty.

Votre voiture remise à neuf dans nos carrosseries

Besoin de faire réparer une griffe, une bosse, votre pare-brise ou vos pare-chocs ? Plus de 10 carrosseries à votre service. Équipements de pointe, approche durable, professionnalisme et polyvalence sont nos maître-mots pour assurer vos réparations automobiles. Comptez sur nos carrossiers spécialisés pour remettre votre voiture à neuf. Nous proposons également le Smart Repair pour des petites réparations, très rapide, plus économique et écologique.

La personnalisation de votre véhicule

Nos concessions vous proposent tous les accessoires automobiles pour votre véhicule, que ce soit pour la personnalisation (jantes, coffre de toit, attelage, tapis, …), l’entretien de celui-ci ou les dernières nouveautés Lifestyle de vos marques préférées.

Roadside Assistance 365 days per year

Because a breakdown can always happen, offers you a roadside assistance for all the Belgian territory, 24/7 and all year around ! In case of immobilization of your car, everything is planned to stay mobile thanks to a fast service and the possibility to have a replacement vehicle. This way you stay master of your agenda.

The brilliance of your painting guaranteed 2 years

In the network we can treat your used vehicle with Waxoyl. Waxoyl is a product that retreats the brilliance of your paint. As a result, the paint is more resistant to various external influences such as, for example, UV rays, acid rain, mud, salt and polluted air. A treatment with Waxoyl ensures the waterproofness and the shine of the paint. Washing with Waxoyl is enough to keep it in new condition.

Tailor-made financing

Master the end of the month thanks to monthly payments. Discover our offers and the financial service that suits you. With, you benefit from lower monthly settlements, a fixed amount, also the 7-year warranty and moreover no surprises!! 7 good reasons to finance your car with autosphè - Simplification of procedures To choose your car or to finance it, you have a single contact to take care of everything. The dealership takes care, for you, of all the steps with the financial institution. - Quick response In 80% of the cases, you have a definitive answer regarding your request in less than 24 hours. - The choice Wiwh, you can choose between rental, lease with option of purchase and a complete choice of services tailored for your car. - The advise To buy a car is an important and engaging act for your budget: your salesman has been able to guide you in the choice of your vehicle: he will also guide you to choose the financing that suits you according to your personal situation, your car usage and the type of vehicle you have chosen. - A customized financing Taking in account your budget, the usage of the cars and your needs, we can customize the global financial services for your car. Financing the purchase or the simple use of the vehicle, a flexible payment schedule, commitment of repurchasing at the end of the contract, insurance and specific services for your vehicle? Only your dealer can perfectly personalize the financing with your expectations, for the use of your car. - Transparence totale et explications claires No surprises possible with Everything is clear, known and explained before. Also, all the financial solutions that we offer are with fixed monthly settlements. We will take the time to explain. We are committed in offering you deadlines that meet your monthly refunding capacity. It is only for that reason that you will be asked for proof of income and expense, to be able to offer you the best solution. As car distributors, our dealers are intermediates in banking operations registered with the FSMA. They are thus entitled to receive mandates from the financial institutions that we have selected to offer their financing and insurance or other related services. As such, all our sales consultants are qualified and regularly trained in the distribution of financial products and insurance. Our consultants are trained to offer financing solutions that respect your payment capacity. Beware: Borrowing money also costs money More than a tagline, this sentence is aimed to protect the consumer by warning him regarding the actual price of a loan. All the information, deadlines, amortization schedule… are mentioned in our contracts. A doubt? A precision? A question? Don’t hesitate to ask us. We will answer as clearly as possible and with professionalism.

Notre équipe à votre écoute sur les sujets Fleet

Une cellule Fleet Autosphere est exclusivement au service des professionnels afin de les accompagner dans leur démarche. Dotée d’une solide expérience automobile et toujours au fait des dernières évolutions, l’équipe vous conseille sur l’ensemble des aspects Fleet tels que : La fiscalité du véhicule de société, la législation liée à la mobilité, l’aménagement d’utilitaires, la gestion de parc automobile (avec une approche TCO affinée), la personnalisation d’une offre et la négociation du prix au meilleur niveau, ... Notre équipe est également à votre écoute pour vous informer sur les nouvelles solutions de mobilité et alternatives telles que les voitures électriques, hybride (plug-in…) et les solutions de recharge adaptées à vos installations/capacités. Vous souhaitez être recontacté par notre équipe Fleet ? Envoyez-nous un email à